I always hear people say that dance is "a form of art." It has taken me over 13 years of dancing to truly understand the depth of that phrase. And it's not just about tricks or really beautiful shapes and movements- it's the story or message that's being told. I've worked with commendable choreographers in my life and their stories - I still do not fully understand. They create pictures with our bodies, and each movement is meticulously placed because each movement has a very specific message. But just like we do with poetry, paintings, music, etc- we spend days, years, decades trying to figure out "what it means" or "what the intention is." I dig that. As a recent Orchesis Dance Company alumni, I feel like I finally figured it out, and now my level of respect has grown infinitely for dance artists across the world. Plus, the high I get when I'm dancing... I'll never stop.

More videos coming soon...

Twins on Stage!

One of my favorite dancers, Guin Chan (aka twin!) dancing with me in a photoshoot.

Rebecca and Guin dancing

5-6-7-8 and JUMP.

Imitating Blake McGrath, of course on SYTYCD (Season 1)

Rebecca Jensen - Contemporary Dance

Photoshoot Fun


Rebecca Jensen dance

Orchesis Dance Company presents “Shift”

What a treat! I was on the cover of Orchesis Dance Company's 2011 concert poster, "Shift."

Cal Poly Orchesis Dance Company presents "Shift"

Momentum 2008

Cal Poly's Orchesis Dance Company presents Momentum.

Orchesis Dance Company Momentum

She Does Pointe?!

Proof that I can do it! I couldn't believe it either, but I hopped back on pointe for an Orchesis Dance Company piece a couple of years ago.

Backstage before a pointe piece.

Being Silly at Pismo Beach

A few snapshots from our trip to the beach...just having fun.

Dancing at Pismo Beach. Dancing at Pismo Beach.

Jungle Banga.

One of my favorite pieces to perform at Cal Poly, "Jungle Banga."

"Jungle Banga" dance.