Web Design & Dev – MB Lavender

For Christmas this year, I designed and developed a website for my mom's lavender crafts.

Monterey Bay Lavender Website Design

Word Cloud Design – YOPAC Wave

This is still one of my favorites, a word cloud for YOPAC.

YOPAC word cloud

Brochure Design

A fun YOPAC brochure I designed with a "gate" style fold pattern.

Design comp for YOPAC brochure, inside fold.

Design comp for YOPAC brochure, outside fold.

Secondary Logo Imagery – YOPAC

This concept was not mine, but we needed a refresh of the original design. Because we needed this in vectors, I recreated this image in Illustrator.


Hairbling – Business Card Design

Silly little business cards I designed and had made for a side business.

Hair Bling Business Card Design Hairbling business card design

Esprit De Corps Logo Design

Logo design for a business class.

Espirit De Corps Logo Design

Personal Website Comp

Photoshop comp for my personal website. Website Design

Contest Flyers for YOPAC

While working at the PAC, I designed these flyers for various art contests to promote the Warren Miller ski films. Perhaps a bit too cluttered looking in retrospect, but nonetheless fun and playful.

An initial draft of a promotional art contest flyer

Promotional art contest flyer

FPAC Logo Comps

Various logo comps for the FPAC's 25th anniversary. I worked on adding the 25 element into the design.

FPAC Logo Comps