Growing up, I lived in a house with a big white indoor racquet ball court. Strange, I know, but my dad was really into it. As the years went on, the giant room sort of turned into the kids' pretty awesome playroom. My parents left dozens of blue rubber racquet balls for us to play with, and while my brother had plenty of fun throwing the balls around to see how hard he could throw - I loved those blue racquet balls for a different reason: the marks they'd leave on the walls.

While I couldn't throw hard, I used to spend whole afternoons in that room and I'd always get so excited if I made a mark. As I grew older, the room became overwhelmed with blue marks and I always considered that space my work of art. To me, that room was my canvas and the balls were my drawing tool. Since then, I've continued to spend whole afternoon's drawing and painting. Below are just a few samples of my work.

Summer in Kailua

A tribute to a time full of laughter, tears and booze. Acrylic

Summer in Kailua

Maka Girl

Painting - "Maka Girl" Acyrlic.

Painting - Maka Girl. Acyrlic.


Inspired by a feeling we've all felt one time or another. Pastel.

Pastel drawing of two farmers.

B-Spears. 2004.

A portrait from back in the day of the lovely Miss Britney Spears. A little too pretty. Charcoal.

B-Spears. 2004

A Play on Fear

Look closely at this drawing, do you see fear in him? Pen.

Drawing made up of the word "fear."

Bone Highlights

A drawing exercise to draw highlights rather than shadows. Fun! Charcoal.

Bone Highlight Drawing

In My Dance Bag

Typical items in the dance bag. Charcoal.

In My Dance Bag Drawing


Rainbow colors from direct observation. Oil.

Colorful Shapes Painting

Those Two-Faced Dancers

This was the same image, taken from two different unique historical styles: modernist vs. impressionist. You can see how much the message changes when the style of painting changes. Acrylic.

Geometric Dancers. Acrylic. Modernist & Impressionist Painting Comparison. Acrylic.


La Tomatina (Valencian pronunciation: [la tomaˈtina]) is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located 30 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fight purely for fun." - Wikipedia. Pastel.

Pastel drawing of two tomatoes on a vine.


Pop art inspired piece of today's female pop celebrities. Acrylic

Pop Diva!

So Couture

Couture inspired piece from fashion magazines. Acrylic.

So Couture

Obon Festival

A personal painting of my young mother at the Japanese Obon Festival. Oil

Japanese Obon Festival

Antique Collectables.

Vintage mirror, bracelet and brush from Grandma's attic. Watercolor.

Antique collectables. Watercolor.

Trio of Treats

Cupcakes, circus crackers, doughnuts and candy from direct observation. Heaven on Earth! Acrylic.

Trio of Desserts Painting