All the credit goes to my parents on this one. As a professional interior designer, my mom has taught me how to take an ugly old piece of furniture, pick a style, fix it up and perfectly place it in a room. And with a hobby in woodworking, my dad has played a critical part in teaching me that anything is fixable, no matter how hopeless a broken table leg may seem.

I'm not sure how I got into it, but I often find myself stopping my car, going into reverse and taking a second look at the furniture so many college students leave on the streets. With a pathetic, rained over "free" sign taped to the side, I usually take it home. Besides, how could I leave something with that much potential on the street? Even better, my boyfriend has learned what it really means to go on Saturday hikes with me, as I'll finish the hike with handfuls of tree branches, leaves and driftwood. Once home with my new pieces, the fun really begins.

White Crackled Vanity

This was my grandmother's old make-up table, and I'm honored to have it passed down to me. It arrived with dark red paint that was scratched throughout the surface, so I replaced the mirror, got some help from my dad and refinished the vanity with a brown and white crackle paint.

White Crackled Vanity White Crackled Vanity - detail

Tree Branch Chandelier

A unique blend of tree branches, Christmas lights, wire, duct tape, fake flowers, spray paint and electricity.

Tree Branch Chandelier

Distressed Nightstand

This is a solid oak nightstand that I painted and lightly sanded to give an antique, distressed look.

Distressed Nightstand - Drawers Distressed Nighstand - Top Distressed Nightstand & Not-Stressed Kitty

Brown and Coral Painted Mirror

I hated the way this mirror looked before. The living room needed just a pop of color so I double painted this mirror frame with a bright coral and deep brown color combination.

Brown and coral painted mirror Brown and Coral Painted Mirror

Shabby Chic Dresser

This was an old antique dresser that I stripped and refinished to have a clean white shabby chic style.

Refinished Shabby Dresser Refinished Dresser - detail