26. 02. 2012
Monterey Bay Lavender Website Design

Web Design & Dev – MB Lavender

For Christmas this year, I designed and developed a website for my mom's lavender crafts.

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24. 02. 2012
Pastel drawing of two tomatoes on a vine.


La Tomatina (Valencian pronunciation: [la tomaˈtina]) is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located 30 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea in which participants throw tomatoes...

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14. 02. 2012
SLO Hotel Lobby

SLO Hotel Lobby Sketch

View from the hotel lobby's front desk. Pen.

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14. 02. 2012
Entrance Lobby

Entrance Lobby Sketch

Hotel lobby sketch in San Luis Obispo. Pen.

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14. 02. 2012
Casual Living Room

My Humble Abode

This casual living room is missing one important part, the kitty! Pen & watercolor.

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14. 02. 2012
Sketch of a lobby lounge room

Lobby Lounge Room

A quick sketch of a hotel lobby's lounge room. Pen & watercolor.

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14. 02. 2012
Sketch of David's Living Room

David’s Living Room

The boyfriend's living room with a much nicer TV stand and lovely new window. Pen & watercolor.

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10. 02. 2012
YOPAC word cloud

Word Cloud Design – YOPAC Wave

This is still one of my favorites, a word cloud for YOPAC.

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09. 02. 2012
Design comp for YOPAC brochure, inside fold.

Brochure Design

A fun YOPAC brochure I designed with a "gate" style fold pattern.

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08. 02. 2012

Secondary Logo Imagery – YOPAC

This concept was not mine, but we needed a refresh of the original design. Because we needed this in vectors, I recreated this image in Illustrator.

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